Lentil Pasta 6 Pack

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6-Pack / 24-Servings
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Product Description

Modern Table’s protein-packed pastas taste and cook just like regular pasta, but with a nutritional punch! Packed with 20g of complete protein and 6g of fiber per portion, the pasta is a blend of lentils, rice, and peas. All our pastas are vegetarian, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Gluten Free Certified with no artificial preservatives.

  • Protein-packed pasta that’s a blend of lentils, rice, and peas
  • Packed with 20g of complete protein per 100g portion
  • Non-GMO Project Verified and Gluten Free Certified
  • Vegetarian with no artificial preservatives
  • Cooks in 10-11 minutes and serves 4
  • 3

    Servings Per Container

  • No Artificial Preservatives

  • 20 of Protein, 6g of Fiber

  • Ready in 15 Minutes or less

1. Boil

Boil 4 quarts water in large pot.  Add salt, if desired. 

2. Stir In

Stir in pasta. Reduce heat to medium-high (to minimize foaming). 

3. Cook

Cook according to duration listed on the box (varies by pasta shape), stirring occasionally. For more tender pasta, boil an additional minute.

4. Drain

Drain; do not rinse. 

5. Serve

Serve with your favorite sauce.


Red Lentil Flour, White Rice, Pea Protein.

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